• Highlights

    Calipers are available to suit installation in front (Leading) or behind (Trailing) the axle. The following abbreviations are used in this website: RHT = Right Hand Trailing. LHT = Left Hand Trailing. RHL =...

  • AP Racing slave cylinders news


    AP Racing slave cylinders news

    The AP Racing CP6859 Slave Cylinder family replaces the CP3859 but is not identical. Please note the differcences in the comparison document.

  • New Honda Head Stud Kit


    New Honda Head Stud Kit

    ARP - The world leader in fastener technology has just released a new Pro Series ARP2000® head stud kit for 2007 & later Honda 1.5L (L15) SOHC 16V 4-cylinder applications. Part No. 208-4308 - includes a...

  • Hose & fittings assembly


    Hose & fittings assembly

    Some important information on: - measurements and fittings categories - proper alignment, measurement and assembly of pipes and systems hardline; - 600, 136, 236, 336, 200 and 210 series assembly; - 536,...

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High Pressure - Bleed of brake & hydraulic lines

Stäubli Compact Clean-break CBR 02, for hydraulic and brake lines connecting, bleed of hydraulic and break lines, calipers and clutches.

- Very compact: the CBR 02 features a very compact and light design.
- High reliability: high resistance locking system suitable for the strong mechanical forces during race conditions.
- Clean-break, non-spill design: the clean-break, non-spill design prevents any spillage while connecting/disconnecting. This eliminates the need to purge the system and permits the use of pre-filled hoses.
- Bayonet locking system: quick and easy; to connect just push and twist. Durable and reliable.
- High pressure resistant: it's titanium construction gives the CBR 02 excellent resistance to high pressure